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 Whether you are just contemplating divorce, just getting going, or on your way to the finish line, there is a course designed just for you.  Grab just one stage or all 3! 

Stage 1:  Plan and Protect  $157

Plan for your future and protect yourself.   This series of videos will show you the start of your path to "breaking free", how to get out of the wings and begin to take flight.   Your flight is waiting but you need to plan your trip first.   Before you take off, you'll need to be sure you have everything you need to make your divorce journey as smooth as possible. 

Note:  This content is best for those of you who are 90 to 0 days before being ready to begin and up to the first 30 days after filing for divorce.  

How This Course Will Help You PLAN and PROTECT Yourself in Your Divorce: 

  •   Emotional Aspects: 
  •  Signs You Should Probably Leave Your Probably Leave Your Spouse  
  •  Three Deadly Sins of Marriage, Abuse, Addiction or Adultery  
  •  What is a Divorce With Dignity?   
  •  What is the Difference Between Divorce Law and Divorce Justice?   
  •  Dealing with Grasping   -Why do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?
  •  Knowledge; What do you need to know to prepare ; What financials to gather
  •   Stash of Cash   - - Why will you need it?- How much will you need?
  •  How to Get Access to What Your Spouse Earns and Understanding Your Own Earnings; Also lifestyle and budgets  (Marital and post marital lifestyles)
  •  Health insurance   
  •   Standing Orders   
  •  Leading up to divorce – checking on insurances and beneficiaries   
  •  Current living Situation (should you leave your house) 
  •  Collaborative Law v. Litigation Family Law Attorney  
  •  The Procedure of a Case 
  • ​BONUS! Access to exclusive NarcSlayers Facebook group for support and connection

Isn't it time to take control of your life?  Yes.  Okay then let's go...

Stage 2:  Let the Divorce Begin  ($157)

The divorce paperwork gets filed and responded to, forensic accounting may need to be done, custody evaluations might in order... Hey, it may get dirty…and you may hit some turbulence but you can get above the clouds to see the blue sky and the sun.   Time to board this divorce freedom flight!   

Note:   This Stage 2 series is for those of you who are just about to file (30 - 0 days before) or have already filed and the case is getting going (up to 12 months after filing or longer sometimes). 

How This Course Will Help You As the Divorce Case Begins: 

  •  Where to find an attorney and how to choose one? What questions to ask your attorney - what should you tell your attorney?
  •  Attorney-client privilege
  •  The Procedure for Filing for Divorce; Who Should File First? What Happens once the Petition is Filed?
  •  The Process of Actually Serving the Divorce Papers and What Happens Once Papers are Served.  
  •  Should You Leave Your House?  
  •  The "Discovery" Phase, and what can slow things down during this phase? 
  •  The Five Main Areas of Divorce
  • Injunctions and other issues; Domestic Violence Issues
  •  How to conduct yourself during the case - and how to communicate with your soon- to-be-ex during the case
  •  Forensic specialists - what are they and do you need one? 
  •  Top Divorce Mistakes Men Make; and Top Divorce Mistakes Women Make
  •  BONUS! Divorce Case Organizer Included
  •  BONUS! Divorce Case Timeline Included
  • ​BONUS! Access to exclusive NarcSlayers Facebook group for support and connection

Aren't you sick of feeling in limbo and so ready to feel better? Thought so. So no more waiting.  Let's go...

Stage 3:  Your Divorce Final Act  $157

Seat backs up; stow your tray tables...time to get ready to land in your new freedom land.   You'll need to get your finances divided, your budget figured out, and support payments determined.  Then negotiate like a pro and get the divorce settlement you want and that you're entitled to. 

Note:  This is for those of you who have finished discovery and are ready to wrap this up and negotiate for what you want financially.   (45 days to 18 months after the divorce has been filed).

How This Course Will Help You Get Your Divorce FINALIZED in a Way That's FAIR: 

  • 7 Steps to Dividing Property
  •  How to deal with businesses, business valuations, and pension/retirement accounts
  •  How to deal with appreciation and separate property
  •  How to deal with real estate
  •  What are QDROs and do you need one?
  •  How to compute spousal support and look at marital lifestyle and post-marital budgets
  •  What is "Income"? 
  •  What expenses to consider
  •  BONUS! Model language for dealing with real estate
  •  BONUS! The Make-Sure-Its-Fair Asset and Liabilities Division Template
  • ​BONUS! Access to exclusive NarcSlayers Facebook group for support and connection

Aren't ready to be done with this thing already?   

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Let's get this puppy done so you can get on with the rest of your life! 


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Marilyn Sandor, DDS "Finally understand the divorce process."
I had no idea what to expect in my divorce and I didn't want to keep asking my lawyer questions because I didn't want to be billed. These programs answered so many of questions so I finally felt like I understood the process. More important than the money I saved was the total peace of mind I finally had.  
Will Joseph "Gave me all the angles to defend myself." 
I will never forget the nightmare I had to live through during my divorce, but your programs made me stronger and gave me all the angles to defend myself and ultimately prevail. Words can’t express my gratitude to you. You saved me and my son's lives and for that, you will hold a special place in our hearts forever.  

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