Stage 3:  Your Divorce Final Act (double series) $267
Seat backs up; stow your tray tables...time to get ready to land in your new freedom land.   You'll need to get your finances divided, your budget figured out, and support payments determined.  Then negotiate like a pro and get the divorce settlement you want and that you're entitled to. 

Note:  This is for those of you who have finished discovery and are ready to wrap this up and negotiate for what you want financially.   (45 days to 18 months after the divorce has been filed).
In this video series, you will learn
  • 7 Steps to Dividing Property
  •  How to deal with businesses, business valuations, and pension/retirement accounts
  •  How to deal with appreciation and separate property
  •  How to deal with real estate
  •  What are QDROs and do you need one?
  •  How to compute spousal support and look at marital lifestyle and post-marital budgets
  •  What is "Income"? 
  •  What expenses to consider
  •  The 8 Can't MIss/Get-the-Divorce-Settlement-You-Want Steps in Winning Negotiations
  •  FREE model language for dealing with real estate
  •  FREE asset and liabilities template
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